About Asmita Parashar

I am an experienced India-based intercultural and certified life skills development coach with over 20 years of experience working with corporates and individuals.

Raised by Indian parents in the UK, I worked for Reuters after graduating from Kingston University, before relocating to Mumbai in the 1990's.

Having lived and worked in two diverse cultures equipped me with the skills and experience to impart effective cross-cultural training programs to both Indian and global teams.

Since the inception of my training career, I have worked with diverse teams and individuals who wish to improve their personal effectiveness and make their mark in an increasingly competitive environment.

After initial discussions, I customise my training sessions around client requirements which address key challenges.

The programs are extremely interactive and interspersed with discussions, role plays, questions and class exercises, be it a face-to-face or virtual classroom setting.

In addition to my training, I have been appointed as the India-based representative of Mayo Clinic, USA.


Cross-Cultural Training

My cross-cultural training programs are delivered to a variety of groups:

  • Indian clients who wish to understand global working practices and etiquette for virtual or face to face interactions with customers and foreign counterparts
  • Expats relocating to India who are looking to assimilate successfully into the daily Indian work and social environment
  • Global clients who are currently working with Indian counterparts or those who wish to foray into India and better understand the country's culture, etiquette and working practices to create successful business partnerships with Indian teams and clients.

Soft Skills Development

I am a firm believer that soft skills development is at the heart of personal and professional success and growth.

Soft skills build a personal brand and help individuals enhance their interpersonal abilities, and overall effectiveness in various situations. It can be beneficial in both personal and professional settings, fostering better relationships and career growth.