Asmita was Amazing! She gave very thorough answers to every question I had and added in information I didn't even know to ask. She tailored the conversation to our needs, made me feel more comfortable and confident about the move, and made me feel at ease with all my concerns. I now know what I need to do to prepare for the move and all the nuances that I'll need to be ready for. I can't thank Asmita enough for her great coaching!

I feel like Asmita took everything we needed and made sure we covered the most important aspects of India and the culture.

This is an invaluable service and I could see the benefit of having even more time with her as a coach. I'm excited for the move and implementing everything I've learned!


Expat Relocation - From USA to Pune, India

Asmita trained me and my family how to adapt to India as an expat. Her approach of answering our questions by giving examples and explain how India works was really helpful. With her background with one foot in Europe and one in India made her answers really understandable. In India you normally cannot assume that someone really understand you fully since words have another meaning, but with Asmita I was fully confident that she really understood my situation and could give me answers or solutions that I, as a western European, am able to do. My everyday life in India became really easier after her training.


Senior TCMS Software Engineer (RoQ/TCMS India) på Bombardier Transportation

Asmita adeptly played the role of a strategic partner who understood the organization's business objectives and delivered various programs for cross cultural trainings, soft skills trainings, personality development and leadership coaching. Her core capabilities are in aligning the training programs towards achieving business results. Asmita has the personna, skills and deep experience to work with a wide range of people across different age groups and industry segments. Highly recommended ... if transformation of cultures using behavior change is on your agenda!


Global Head - Life Sciences Digital OperationsDelivery, Cognizant

Asmita is an excellent coach. Her ability to listen, her experience and enthusiasm support the trainee to get a deep understanding of the training and its purpose.
I'm happy and confident to recommend her for any training to improve personal and professional skills.


Country Chief Operating Officer, BNP Paribas India

ASMITA, well she has been by far one of the few folks that I've worked with from the industry who actually 'GETS IT'! She is very much In sync with the times, clued into Corporate cultures, organization trends and most important of them all executive coaching, and is an excellent Life Coach to almost any level of leadership. She brings high level of credibility to the role, and fits in very fast and well in to the required surroundings! Requires a very short runway, as earlier mentioned 'she gets it'!


Global Human Resources Leader, Specialty Salesat Dell EMC

Thank you so much for today. It was brilliant. I so enjoyed it and the information given was invaluable.


J P Morgan

The Corporate Etiquette and Cross-Cultural program which was conducted by Asmita was extremely helpful and insightful for the participants.
Through her interactive workshops, Asmita brings a vast wealth of international experience and knowledge, which is invaluable for any organisation seeking to enhance cross-cultural understanding and communication skills, whether working virtually or on a face-to-face basis. I highly recommend this program!


President and CEO, Nihilent Technologies, Pune

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Asmita for almost a year. She is an excellent and a highly effective softskills trainer.
Her knowledge and experience of living and working with different cultures makes her uniquely positioned to understand and address the challenges faced by individuals and corporates in today’s competitive world. Asmita is extremely influential and has helped me with various aspects of personality development and coaching on effective communication skills - verbal and non-verbal both within the organisation and externally.
She has been a great coach and it has been a pleasure to work with her.


Managing Director - India at OSTC Ltd.

Very enjoyable and interactive. Everybody had the opportunity to ask questions.


Sales, Mahindra Holidays and Resorts

I have had the privilege of knowing Asmita since 2009, and as an expat in the city of Mumbai, found her remarkably helpful and knowledgeable in providing me with some much needed explanations about the differences in culture; from my upbringing in UK, and landing in Mumbai to setting up my event management company.
The day-to-day challenges can be fierce without someone who understands and empathises with you. I feel Asmita has all the qualities one needs to make the transition easier with her sensibility of living in the country for over two decades and going through what we all go through in our early stages.


International Event Planner, Tania-Tapel Events (India) Private Limited

After searching wide for an English speech trainer, I was fortunate to come across Asmitathrough a colleague.
I had just signed an International film and was looking out for someone who could help me with my English speech and intonation patterns.
Asmita worked with me diligently for over a week and I was extremely happy at the way we worked on the various speech exercises and articulation patterns which I was initially unaware of. She prepared me for the role by going through various script sessions which became an invaluable part of the training. It was a great learning experience and I thoroughly recommend the training to anyone, not just actors, who is seeking to enhance their overall vocal/tonal quality and English sound articulation for greater improvement, clarity of thought and speech sophistication.



I was looking to improve areas of soft skills right, right from enhancing my vocal and written communication to incorporating correct etiquette and grooming in my business and social interactions. The personalised communications coaching was just what I required; enabling me to learn at my own pace and according to my specific requirements.
It has been a great and eye-opening learning experience and I am glad to say that I have gradually seen a positive change in my attitude and inter-personal interactions.
I cannot stress the importance and benefits of this type of personalised coaching.


Senior Leader, Top 4 Consultancy Company

Asmita guides her client to perfection and her ability to encourage, motivates them to do even better. One other very important attribute of hers is that she identifies the requirement of her client and gives timely, correct and proper feedback where he or she should work on.
This gives tremendous faith in her suggestions/ recommendations.


Top 4 Consultancy Company